Malin KojolaWe are happy to note that Malin Kojola is featured on music blog Drefvet. Drefvet is ”the passionate link between traditional music media and a very personal blog. Drefvet is a fusion between diary and note board.” (roughly translated)


Photo by Jannike Back






Malin Kojola is a unique talent, a voice with almost healing qualities. A singer-songwriter with an expression that comes across as both modern and timeless, all at once. It’s like Malin finds singing more natural than talking.

Malin Kojola’s debut-EP is released on November 13th and contains Malin’s own songwriting as well as her own gorgeous version of Bon Iver’s ”Skinny Love”.

Track listing:

  1. Underground
  2. Skinny Love
  3. Decisions
  4. Journey

All tracks produced and recorded by Markus Sjöberg and Petter Näse.